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The best charging solution for electric vehicles


Enables the temporary and transient overvoltage, differential and overcurrent protections to be integrated in the same assembly without having to install a second electrical switchboard for them, thus simplifying the installation.


WIFI communication enabling remote control, reading and programming from its mobile phone application.


Time scheduling control to benefit from time-of-day electricity tariffs.

Load modulator

It regulates the power of the charging of the car according to the available power of the house to avoid additional costs due to excess power contracted and protection trips.

VIARIS Charging Process 

Charging modulator as standard 

VIARIS COMBI is equipped as standard with a charge modulator based on the home’s energy consumption, which will adjust the power demand to optimise the highest charge within the shortest possible period without exceeding the supply capacity.  

  • Easy installation, with only 2 cables and open core
  • Covers currents up to 100 A

VIARIS COMBI is a wall-mounted charging system for use in private settings, such as: garages in single-family homes or communal garages, offices, hotels, etc. and it is suitable for any type of electric vehicle.
It is easy to install and use and has an attractive design for home installations.

VIARIS COMBI charging stations use the standard MQTT communication protocol with cloud storage, enabling remote control and display of the charging system and facilitating, in turn, integration into other management platforms.


Mobile App

Management App to display both the home's energy consumption and the electric vehicle charge.

Technical characteristics

  1. Charging station power: 3.7 kW or 7.4 kW single-phase, and 11 kW or 22 kW three-phase
  2. Remote charging activation.
  3. Available with one or two outlets, both for socket and hose connections.
  4. Impact resistant high stiffness ABS-PC enclosure.  
  5. Maximum current limitation available via a selector switch.
  6. High level of IP54 protection against foreign material ingress.

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